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P. 16

But the next day, I got a 2nd letter from those
                                                   ruthless a-holes at the IRS - they magically found
                                                   MORE money I owed them..

                                                   And I lost my bet on the Raiders..

                                                   “Was I doing it wrong?”

                                                   Or was this whole thing BS? I just wanted to
                                                   believe so bad, I started to feel foolish for even

                                                   I lay in bed that night, my stomach in knots

       imagining Sarah’s eyes as I told her daddy had failed her again..

       But the next morning, it was like the fabric of reality had shifted for me..

           On my walk to work I found a $100 bill
           crumpled in a bush..

       Dumb luck, I thought..

       But dumb luck is still luck, right?

       I tried to be cautious about my excitement but then..

                                         At my only sales appointment that day, I screwed up
                                         the sale …and the Doctor still bought water machines
                                         for all SIX of his locations, making me $1,800 in a

                                         single day!

                                 “I Did It Wrong And Still

                              I Made $1,800 In One Day!”

       Just in time for Sarah’s birthday!
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