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The wealth begins inside their brain and then they pass it down the lineage

                  Hundreds Of MRI Brain Scans Reveal

                                     The Alarming Truth:

                   Your Hippocampus Isn’t Big Enough

       My parents didn’t have an 8 or 9-figure net worth. Neither did yours. That means we

       both have this shrunken hippocampus, causing you to produce less Billionaire
       Brain Wave and more Slave Wave.

       Any neuroscientist could hook your brain up to an EEG right now and see this:

           Because of the Shrunken Hippocampus Effect, the

           Slave Wave hijacks your brain waves, blocking
           activation of the Billionaire Brain Wave, making it
           virtually impossible for you to attract the home, the

           car, the boat, the travel, the body, the health, the
           promotion, the love, the luck, the life you’ve always

           wanted and deserve.

       And worse, if left untreated, the Slave Wave will get passed down to your kids and
       their kids after..
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