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P. 7

I remembered the scooter.. it was $399.. the only way I was getting that was by
       stealing it..

       I don’t know what demonic force came over me at that moment. But I looked my
       6-year old daughter in the eye and I lied to her face..

       “Don't worry, sweetheart. Daddy's working on a special surprise for you."

       I wanted to vomit.

            Lightning Strikes: How A Dark And Stormy

                   Night Granted Me Access Inside The

         Inner Sanctum Of A Leading Neuroscientist..

       Walking home, I thought about my impossible
       task to get Sarah that scooter.

       I’d tried the Law of Attraction and working 2 jobs.
       I’d tried “getting lucky” at the casino. I bought

       tickets to all the lotteries. And my team always lost
       when I bet on them (and won when I didn’t).

       I’d lost rent payments to get rich guru’s and car
       payments to crypto schemes. I’ve never committed
       a crime but I wondered how much jail time I’d

       serve for stealing a scooter, when thunder and rain started roaring above me..

       Running for cover, I slipped into the side door of a local university, completely


       I was in some type of research lab when a man in a white lab coat looked at me


       “I’m sorry, I was trying to hide from the rain.”

       “Ahh, stuck in the rain,” he said. “That is some bad luck. Do you have a lot of bad luck?”

       There was something about the way he asked that made me spill my guts…
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