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Keep reading to see how the lowest day of my life
       revealed the key to you getting rich beyond your
       wildest dreams:

                  The Day I Broke My Daughter’s Heart

              (and how it made money start appearing

                                   everywhere in my life)

                                                     “Daddy, my birthday’s in 2 days!”

                                                    My daughter Sarah jumped for joy. But I hadn’t
                                                    bought her gift - an electric scooter. I was
                                                    short on funds.

                                                    My wife elbowed me in the ribs, “Did you get
                                                    her present yet? Or do you need to borrow?

                                                    Because the Wife Bank is closed to losers.”

           I ignored her, scanning the mail when I felt my throat go dry.

           The IRS was demanding $2,666. I barely had $266..

           “Positive thoughts, just think positive thoughts”..

           My phone rang - it was none other than

           Dr. Rothstein. He was today’s sales appointment. He
           was finally going to buy the water machines that I

           sell, I could almost taste the universe shifting in
           my favor..

           The Doctor would buy. Then I could buy Sarah her

           birthday wish. And maybe even get a crumb of
           respect from my wife..
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