Page 9 - Billionaire Brain Wave Program - Flip It & Read It
P. 9

The program was initiated to develop

                                             brain waves that synchronize with money
                                             and wealth, based on CIA research that

                                             won’t hit the public until the year 2030.

       Shortly after its inception, we developed the
       project using brain wave technology that took

       about 7 minutes a day. A small group of
       associates found the technology could be used to

       attract money, often in large sums. These
       scientists began using the technology to pay off
       their debts and fill their coffers. But after one

       scientist showed up to work in a Porsche, he was
       never seen again.

       The investors insisted on secrecy. No one could know what we’d found. They
       demanded this technology only be made available to the upper echelon of politicians
       and government officials.

       To me, this was a crime against humanity. But I am prohibited from sharing this
       technology publicly. You are not. And I didn’t know how I would wage my war until
       the universe chose to send you to my lab today.”

                          “I Was Strictly Prohibited From

                               Sharing This Technology...”

       I couldn’t believe this science quack..

       I was about to walk away when I pictured my daughter's eyes looking back at me..

       I imagined a life where I wasn’t always short on money, where I didn’t have to hide my

       ATM receipts, where I wasn’t always worried about overdue bills or who I owed money
       to, a life where I could actually provide wealth and security for my family..

       So I stayed..

       “I’m going to show you a world most people never see, the world of your mind.
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