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The deck was stacked against you, causing the key part of your brain responsible for
       manifesting wealth and success to shrink, before you even had a chance.

                       It Hijacks Your Brain Waves And

                       Gets Passed Down To Your Kids..

       So no matter how hard you try now, you’re stuck broadcasting the Slave Wave to
       your wife, your daughter, your friends and of course, the universe at large, until we

       give you a bigger, thicker hippocampus.

                                             A team of neuroscientists at Columbia University
                                             just used MRI’s to publish their first study
                                             demonstrating this “shrunken hippocampus effect”.

                                             They're starting to pull on the thread they sealed,
                                             stashed and stored but they've got years to find what
                                             our massively funded team found.

       This is what they’re hiding from you. The real reason why manifestation didn’t work
       for you is not your fault. In 30 years, this discovery will rank up there with the

       discovery of gravity or electricity.

       And your shrunken hippocampus is evidence of
       just how neuroplastic the hippocampus is. That
       means your mind’s money-making machinery can

       transform quickly with this technology. Basically,
       we’re going to make your brain bigger.

           You fix this and money starts appearing
           everywhere in your life. It only takes 7 minutes.

                              The KEY Is To Activate The

                   “Power Source” That Generates The
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