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P. 11

In the lab, we called Theta the Billionaire Brain Wave.

       So when you hear Theta, just think MONEY.

                      Theta: The Billionaire Brain Wave

                                                  Since you need more Theta, you should know
                                                  the power source of Theta is a tiny

                                                  walnut-sized region in your brain called the

                                                  The bigger your hippocampus, the more Theta

                                                  you get.

                                                  So what you really need is a big, thick

                         But here’s what the investors forced into silence:

          Top Neuroscientist: “This Is The Real Reason

        The Law of Attraction And Other Manifestation

                                Methods CANNOT Work!”

       Numerous studies have found people who
       did not grow up wealthy had a shrunken

       hippocampus dramatically reducing their Theta.

       We kept trying to disprove this fact because it’s so

       unfair to people who didn’t grow up rich but
       we failed..

       When wealthy people talk about “keeping it in
       the family”, they’re not just talking about
       cash money..
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