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Your brain produces 4 main waves. We measure these 4 waves on an EEG machine.

       But for our purposes, only 2 of these waves matter: Beta and Theta.

                                                     The Beta Wave is associated with daily life. Being
                                                     busy. Stress. Bad luck with your health. Beta is

                                                     where your limiting beliefs are. Most employees
                                                     and normal people are in a constant state of Beta
                                                     below their awareness, causing Beta to become

                                                     overactive in their life. In the lab, we called
                                                     Beta the Slave Wave.

                                                     So when you hear Beta, just think POOR.

                                    Beta: The Slave Wave

       Now the Theta Wave is the opposite, it’s the

       gateway to money..

       Theta is the dominant wave in creativity, intuitive

       insights, healing your body, effortless learning and
       feelings of bliss..

       NASA’s largest psychology study found Theta
       increased memory almost 50% instantly. A team
       of Japanese PhD’s found the famous “flow state”

       comes from Theta. Russia’s top sports scientist
       found Theta was the bridge to bliss.

       And Thomas Edison invented a contraption that activated Theta. He used this device to
       solve his hardest problems, and curiously, this was the only successful invention
       Edison never shared publicly.
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