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P. 8

I spoke of my daughter, my wife, my job, my life as the universe’s doormat and how no
       matter what, I would never give up..

            I Spilled My Guts To The Mysterious PhD..

       Although he politely listened, I expected to be kicked out of his lab..

       He said,

                “Luck changes for people who never give up like you.
                Yes, I think you might be the one.”

       There was a long pause, as if he debated whether to speak his mind..

       Thank god he decided yes..

          “Friend, my name is Dr. Summers. I have a

          young daughter like you. I’m a neuroscientist
          and I no longer believe in coincidences. You’re
          going to be skeptical at first of what I tell you
          now but you must bear with me. Do you


       I nodded yes and Dr. Summers continued..

                   Leading Neuroscientist Reveals The

                Surprising Secret To Attracting Money

              Effortlessly (and it’s not what you think)..

       “Last year I was recruited into a privately funded think tank of leading neuroscientists
       and psychologists..
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