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P. 6

“Hi Dr. Rothstein, beautiful morning, right?”

                                  “Hi Dave, it’s actually Rhonda, Dr. Rothstein’s
                                  assistant. Dr. Rothstein is unable to make the

                                  appointment. Perhaps we can reschedule for another
                                  time. I apologize for any inconvenience caused."

           I felt small as an ant. Then my wife howled..

           “Dave, were you so busy watching your Raiders

           lose that you forgot to pay that car bill I TOLD
           YOU TO PAY? You stupid idiot, they’re towing

           your car..”

           I shot my neck to see my Toyota being towed


           I’d desperately tried to be a good dad and husband, to be positive and manifest

           my desires, but the universe seemed hell-bent on keeping me down..

                    “Why Does The Universe HATE Me?

                                  What Did I Do Wrong?”

                                                    No matter, I never gave up.

                                                    Without a car, I took my little girl by the hand

                                                    and mumbled, “Sweetie, I’ll walk you to school

                                                    As we got to school, Sarah gazed at me with those
                                                    pleading eyes, tugging at my heartstrings..

                                                    “Daddy, all I want for my birthday is that electric
                                                    scooter we saw on TV. The one big enough that we

                                                    can take turns riding together!”
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