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Billionaire Brain Wave..

       In search of the solution, we failed at first. We were looking in
       the wrong place. Then new research from Kyoto University had
       shown sound waves quickly change our gene expression and
       how the brain functions. So we shifted our focus. We began

       looking at the sound waves most revered by ancient cultures,
       the ones your brain hasn’t been exposed to.

                                                   Shamans use sound waves. So did the ancient
                                                   Greeks and Native American ceremonies. Their

                                                   findings compelled Da Vinci and Tesla to
                                                   immerse themselves in these vibrations too. The
                                                   ancients of Tuva, whose wealth left even the most

                                                   studied scholars scratching their head, even
                                                   developed a bizarre sound wave called Throat
                                                   Singing allowing them to prosper in the harshest

                                                   conditions known to man while every one of their
                                                   neighbors perished.

       And it makes sense. We all know the power of vibrations, which is what shapes
       everything in the universe.

                 A Breakthrough Frequency That Grew

                            The Hippocampus 6X Faster,

                                  Based On CIA Research

       Based on this, we developed the first
       Theta-based sound frequency that uniquely
       targeted the hippocampus, immediately putting

       it back in a highly neuroplastic state, resulting in
       a hippocampus that grew 6X faster on average

       than every other sound wave or frequency.

       We then developed 3 additional sound waves
       which appear even more potent but they remain

       unfinished. They are my focus today.
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